Arrive in a Timeless Wedding Car


There can be no doubt that apart from the bride’s dress the wedding car is often the most talked about topic at a wedding. Therefore many couples make sure they choose the right vehicle for that special occasion. They often start looking months ahead of the date to make sure they find just the right one. Some couples like all things modern – also the modern car. But others prefer classic wedding cars.

When one looks at the various categories of old cars, classic refers to older cars that people like to collect, often restore to their former glory and sometimes take to shows for old cars. The classic car therefore refers to cars from a few decades ago, such as those cars we no longer see on our roads on a daily basis.

This category also refers to the Antique cars vintage cars from before the 1930’s – and even older; the antique cars. These cars are popular with the more traditional couples when they get married. They may want to create a certain atmosphere at their wedding, which will reflect a less modern, more subdued ambience.

Classic wedding cars are ideal for more mature couples who want to create a laid back, rather than party feel at their wedding. This can also be true for many younger couples. It really is a matter of budget and choice when you make your decision. The classic car, as opposed to the modern car, will undoubtedly bring back memories of a previous time and era.

Unless you own such a car, or know someone who does, you will have to go to a bit of trouble to find one. Think of some examples of what could be termed classic wedding cars: maybe a Rolls Royce from the 1920’s, a Beauford Tourer from the 1930’s or an Austin Princess Limousine from the 1960’s. These are just examples of what couples that enjoy a classic rather than a modern car may want to consider.

And of course there are coupés, sedan style cars or convertibles to choose from. It all depends on the individual couples what kind of wedding car they have in mind.

When you start thinking of that special car, a few factors should be considered. Some of these include – obviously – budget, the time of year you want the car for and alternatives to your first choice. As for time of the year: Never wait too long to look for classic wedding cars since you may be disappointed if you wait too long.

For example, summer is often a popular season to get married which means many more couples may be looking for a car at that time. Therefore make sure you make your decisions early to be sure you find just the right car. Sometimes owners of these cars will advertise their availability in the press; however, most owners contact an agency that finds clients for these cars. Alternatively, the agencies go looking for the owners and then advertise these cars on their website.

Therefore, when you are considering one or more classic wedding cars for that big day, log on and see what the internet comes up with. Every reliable, reputable agency advertises their cars on the internet. They make it easy for the clients: They have photographs and all the relevant detail such as rates, available dates, arrangements in terms of chauffeurs and pick-up point.

Reliable companies are often those who have been in this industry for a long time and they will have all the expertise to assist clients with all their questions and requirements. They are also more likely to have a great choice when you need classic wedding cars.

They will probably have back-ups in case your first choice is no longer available, and they will be in the best position to take care of all administrative processes – which a very inexperienced company may not be able to do. Therefore make sure you deal with a good company to help you find that special car.

At Premier Carriage we help all bridal couples arrive in style on their most important day. Whether you choose something from a bygone era such as the 1920’s, something classy from the 1960’s or one of today’s modern options, we can help you make your day memorable – truly unforgettable. If you want something unique like a bus or old-style limousine, talk us as we can help. We have driven celebrities, the aristocracy and everybody who wants a special car on their special day for more than 20 years. You can choose from more than 600 vehicles and be assured of the best service and attention to every detail.

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