Choosing the Right Web Business Model


There are a number of different ways that you can set up an internet business. Think about all the different types of web business models that you have seen online. There are catalogue sites, one-product sites, there are information sites, sites that sell information, sites that contain content for the purpose of generating advertising revenue, web sites that focus on selling a product unique to itself, web sites that sell other people’s products, and web sites that exist for the purpose of simply generating a mailing list that can be used to direct visitors to any one of the other web models.

When you first get started, you must decide which of the models will best suit your current skill level and type of product or service you choose to sell. It is advisable to start with only one web model and become quite good at it, rather than trying to create several web models at first.

Content Model

One internet business model that has achieved some success as of late is that of the content-based site. Based on the combined principles of search engine traffic and advertising, content based sites are designed to offer web surfers informative content and create advertising revenue when surfing visitors click specially designed web links that lead the visitors to the advertisers’ web site.

Single Product Model

One of the most common models for beginner เว็บตรง and even many of the profitable internet marketers is that of the single product web site. Many of the profitable internet marketers, although they may currently have multiple products, still sell each product from its own web site, sort of as a stand-alone product or business. One advantage to having a single-product web site or business is that you can focus on becoming very good at selling that one product. With literally millions of people online buying things everyday, it is often easier to become extremely good at one type of product or to test and tweak one web site, than it is to do the same with many products or web sites simultaneously.

Multiple Product Model

Catalog Product Model

With a catalog web business model, you will have an assortment of related products that can easily be marketed from the same web site. An example would be that of a candle web site, where you would have a number of different candles for sale, and perhaps some related products like candle holders and lighters. Another example would be that of a pet supplies web site, where you would market a number of different pet supplies from one web site. These are all related items which complement each other in some way, and the assortment of the items would benefit, rather than detract from, the sales process.

If you are just getting started, you certainly want to avoid setting up a ‘garage sale’ type web site, where you sell a little bit of everything. The reason for this is that you will have a difficult time attracting the right kind of traffic to purchase your products. If indeed you have an interest in selling a wide variety of products that are generally unrelated, consider using someone else’s web site that already has traffic geared towards that type of selection of merchandise, like eBay.


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