Deck Patio Furniture


1. Cast iron: this is a great product for deck patio furniture as it is heavier than some other products, which means that it does well out of doors because winds do not knock it over and scatter it across your yard. One of the drawbacks to cast iron deck patio furniture is that it can rust if not properly protected. This is easy to avoid, but many choose not to take the simple precautions, and then their furniture does not last as long as they would like due to corrosion from rust. So, if you want cast iron deck patio furniture, be sure to brush it with an anti-rust solution.

Cast iron deck patio furniture is great because it can be as simplistic or elaborate as you would like. Many beautiful metal work designs can be found with cast iron deck patio furniture. It is slightly more expensive than some other types of deck patio furniture, but the grandeur and classiness are unbeatable. You can also add lovely fabric covered cushions to brighten the furniture and make it more comfortable; such cushions are easily removed and store indoors during the harsher times of weather.

2. Aluminum: this is a popular deck patio furniture option because it is light weight, and easily movable, which is great for those who entertain often, or want the flexibility of easily moving the furniture where it will be more comfortably used. All Weather Wicker Furniture However, the issue with this is that with a strong wind, your furniture may end up in your neighbors yard. Aluminum is not only lightweight, it is also extremely durable, and does not rust. This makes it an optimal material choice for deck patio furniture as this type of furniture often has to withstand the elements.

Aluminum furniture can be painted to match almost any décor, but gives off a sort of “Cheap” look, and thus is not as nice for the more formal or grand homes. However, with the proper cushions, it can be pulled off none the less.

3. Wicker: wicker deck patio furniture has long been a classic and popular choice. Until recently you did not have much to choose from in the way of style or color, but now there are several options, from classic white, to beautiful neutrals, as well as bright vibrant colors to match any personality. Wicker furniture weighs enough to stay down in a strong wind, and can withstand a lot of weather, but must be properly maintained so as not to wear out too quickly. Because it is such a classic, it goes well in just about any home deck, or patio.

Wicker is a form of light wood, and thus it will absorb water if not treated, so to maintain your wicker deck patio furniture, be sure to paint it with a non-porous latex paint, or treat it with another waterproofing product.

4. PVC: PVC often gets a bad rap as it is inexpensive, many think it is also cheap. However, PVC can be very beautiful, and make lovely patio deck furniture, if properly and carefully made. However, over time UV rays can warp and ruin PVC, so it too must be properly treated or protected with cushions.

5. Vinyl: this is one of the most expensive deck patio furniture options, but it is clearly also one of the best. Vinyl is virtually maintenance free, comes in many styles, colors, etc. It is super easy to clean which is a huge plus considering deck patio furniture is outside and thus tends to get rather dirty. Vinyl is also extremely durable, and will last you for years.

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