Defining Different Types of Hydraulic Hose Fittings


Fitness Stock Photos And Royalty Free Images - iStockHydraulic hoses generally use the distribution of water in order to operate or move a piece of machinery. The hose fittings that are used in hydraulic systems are connected to and transmit hydraulic power to another device anabolic pharma steroids
. Depending upon the source of connection, hydraulic hose fittings are classified into different categories such as O-ring, flareless, elbow, pipe, flanges and face seal. The standards of these hose fittings on machinery are set by the Society of Automated Engineers (SAE).

These fittings resemble an “O” with a number of threads that are screwed into the pipe or the hose fitting to provide a secure connection. These fittings can be male or female and can consist of a face seal, flat-faced or flange type. These rings are designed in a way that they can hold a pressure of about 2500 to 3000 psi.

These types of fittings consist of a ferrule body that tightens on to the fitting nut and compresses the tube in a way that it penetrates the outer diameter of the tube and seals it. Flareless tube type require less tube preparation and can withstand a pressure of about 3000 psi.

these kind of hydraulic hose fittings are available in different sizes which are basically 45 degrees for both male and female along with 37 and 90 degrees. As indicated by the name of the fitting, both ends of the fitting are connected to the hose at the designated angle. Elbow is usually used in plumbing applications.

flanges are designed for those kinds of tube fittings that are larger than an inch in size. Torque power as well as large wrenches is needed to tighten these types of fittings. Split-flange fittings differ because they generally use O-rings to seal a connection.

Steel fittings are other very common fittings that are being used in the hydraulic systems. However, due to certain factors such as corrosion and non-flexibility, steel fittings have not been able to replace the hose fittings in many of the domestic as well as commercial areas. All metal fittings are usually considered inferior, whereas O-ring types of fittings are the standard fittings that are used widely in modern hydraulics. Custom-built component parts are a newer feature of some of the hydraulic machines that simplifies the device assembly, allowing pipes to connect directly to the device.

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