Discover The Amazing And Exotic Cat Breeds On This Planet That Your Grandfather Never Heard Of


It may amaze you, as it has amazed me, that there are many different “genetically tinkered” cat breeds today. Never would my grandfather, in his day, imagine that there will be so many different cat breeds because man decided to make them so. Today we have the hairless and non-shedding cat breeds as well as the better known Persian, Siamese, Calico bread, etc. But before we condemn the scientists for playing God, we should also realize that some of these new breeds of cats aremaine coon cat for sale actually stronger and healthier and do not carry the troublesome character traits of “traditional cats”.

At the present moment, we have so many cat breeds that we need a cat registrar to keep track of them. In North America, we can find breeds with long tail or long fur. Some of the most interesting breeds include the Allet Cat, the long furred Persian Cat, the Siamese Cat and even the wild cats. Some of these cats have very bad temperament while others are more subdued and loving. But all in all, cats tend to be cool towards people, unlike the friendly dog. So if you want to buy a cat, make it it suits your own temperament!

Here are some interesting historical snippets of cat breeds the world over:

i) One of the earliest pets in the world was a cat. In ancient Egypt, Pharoahs and even ordinary folk used cats for protection and companionship. Even in today’s high tech world, the cat symbol remains a popular choice. Examples are the Japanese Hello Kitty, Doreamon and of course, Garfield the fat cat.

ii) The Japanese Bobtail is already extinct. It existed in Jesus’s time but in the land of the rising sun, Japan. Little is known of this exotic breed except that it has a bobtail and lived over a thousand years ago.

iii) The notorious “Alley cat” simply refers to the many homeless cats of all kinds of breeds. They are not unique to America as alley cats can be found anywhere in the world – they basically lived in alleys. Many of these cats are homeless and uncared for because of overbreeding. In many countries, these poor cats are “put to sleep”, or culled, because they carry diseases and are a threat to public health.

iv) The Siamese cat, as the name suggest, came from Siam, the ancient name for Thailand. Siamese cats are beautiful furry creatures anyone would like to cuddle. Unlike Siamese twins, these cats don’t come joined together.

Is you want to own a cat, be sure that you know how to breed it and take care of it properly. A cat, or any other pet for that matter, is also a living being and should be cared for like a child. Treat your cat like your baby and it will return your affection like a baby

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