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If you’re a new writer today, the Web has smoothed your path to writing success. Not only can you make some money right away, you no longer have to spend years languishing in obscurity.

There are major benefits in Web writing for new writers, with one major pitfall, so let’s get the downside out of the way first. The pitfall is this: when you write for the Web you’ll usually get no professional editing, and this can lead you into developing bad habits which are difficult to eradicate.

So what can you write for the Web, as a bright and shining new writing star?

Here are three venues which require no experience: writing Web content in the form of articles, blogging, and the “exposure” write-for-us sites.

Let’s look at these three venues in a little more detail.

Write Web Content in the Form of Articles

Web articles are short because of the short attention spans on the Web, and the difficulty of reading with any concentration online. Most are just 400 to 600 words.

Even as a new writer, you can write these articles. Since the articles are in high demand by many thousands of Web sites, it’s easy to get established.

Blogs – Write Them for Others and Yourself

Over the past year, blogs have gone mainstream. This provides huge opportunities for new writers, simply because established writers have far best essay writing service reddit more offers of work than they can handle.

Similarly to Web content articles, blog “posts” are short. Many are 100 words or less, others – “feature” posts, can be up to 800 words.

Blog posts tend to be much like articles, and they’re easy to write.

Write for the “Exposure” Write-For-Us Sites

These kinds of sites are everywhere. Although they won’t do much to build your income, these sites are useful for new writers because they increase your experience of writing, as well as of the Web.

Look on them as training wheels for your writing career.

So we’ve looked at three venues which help you to get experience in writing – and some income too.

Because you’re writing, rather than thinking about writing, these venues can give your writing career some excellent results.


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