ESAB Plasma Cutter

Plasma cutting machines have been around for the last three decades, but over the last decade they have become very widely used because of lowered prices and the availability of smaller machines. Whereas previously only large industries could use industrial ESAB plasma cutters, now even amateurs and hobbyists use them regularly in their projects. Small industry too has a lot of use for plasma cutters because of the wide variety of jobs that they can do with these metal laser engraver machines, jobs that were not possible for them previously.

What is Plasma Cutting

Using high pressure and high velocity ionized gas, a plasma cutter can be used to cut metal of any shape or size. The quality of cutting is so high that sometimes you do not even require finishing on the metal. The gas is ionized by passing a current through the gas and heating it to extremely high temperatures. Plasma is the fourth state of matter; it has both liquid and gaseous properties concurrently.

The Process of Plasma Cutting

How a ESAB plasma cutter works is next. It can be split into two steps. In the first step, an arc called the “pilot arc” is generated using spark from a high voltage and low current circuit. This pilot arc is brought close to the work piece where it ignites the second arc (this is the second step), called the main arc. The temperature of this arc is close to 40,000 degrees Fahrenheit, which is enough to melt almost any metal. The metal melts away at the proximity of the nozzle and this what we call cutting. It may have been more appropriate to call this process “plasma melting” instead of the “plasma cutting”.

CNC Plasma Machines

CNC plasma machines have the advantage of higher quality cutting. A handheld machines’ quality is limited to what is delivered by the operator who is operating the machine. The stability and computer-controlled pin-point accuracy allows it to produce near laser-precision cutting.

Uses of CNC Plasma Cutting Machines

ESAB plasma machines on robotic arms are very widespread in industries like the automobile industry. These are used to make and weld chassis and frames of the cars and other products. On the other end of the spectrum are the DIY enthusiasts who often use handheld plasma machines on various projects they do. Overall, plasma machines are indispensable for metal work in this day and age.

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