Fast World of Warcraft Gold – Combine Your Skills to Increase Your Profits


Since you are allowed to choose two primary professions and as many secondary professions as you want, you can make fast World of Warcraft gold by combining certain professions. By doing this, you will be earning money much more quickly than by focusing on only one profession. The trick is to choose professions that give you that extra advantage you need.

One of the best combinations to choose in order to make fast World of Warcraft gold is skinning and leatherworking. You will be able to use the leather that you gather as a skinner to make items such as armor, cloaks, and ammo pouches. These items sell extremely well, particularly to Shamans, Rogues, Hunters, and Druids. Another advantage to this combination is that you will not need any special equipment, and you will not need to go to specific locations to practice your craft.

Another very profitable combination is mining and blacksmithing. To earn fast World of Warcraft gold, you can turn the ores and other minerals you collect into melee weapons and armor. You will find that these items are easy to sell and that they will allow you to make considerable amounts of money. You can also use the Gatherer AddOn to help you keep track of where the best mining areas are.

A good way to double your money and make fast World of Warcraft gold is to choose two of the gathering professions. Mining and herbalism work well together, as long as you make sure you have a large enough bag to accommodate all of the plants and minerals you will be collecting. Gather as much as you can carry, then go to the auction house to sell your items. Once again, the Gatherer AddOn will help you out by tracking the best locations for minerals and herbs. You can Buy wow gold   also use Map WoW to find out where certain plants and minerals are located.

The secondary skills that work the best together to bring you fast World of Warcraft gold are fishing and cooking. You then have the option to turn the fish you catch into meals, some of which can sell for very high prices. Since every character needs to eat but not all have the cooking skill, you will not have a hard time finding buyers for the dishes you create.

These examples represent the best combinations of professions to choose if you are trying to make fast World of Warcraft gold. Since you will have two different areas of expertise to focus on, you will not have to worry about getting bored with pursuing one profession. You will also be busy selling more items or at least more valuable items than you would with only one profession.


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