Flirting SMS: How to Flirt With a Girl Over Text

Flirting SMS (Short Message Service) is synonymous with text flirting for guys. Text flirting is your golden ticket to building attraction quickly. There are 3 main reasons why you should use flirting SMS: 1) you want to be on her mind constantly and texting will remind her of you, 2) texting is very effective for re-establishing or furthering your connection with her and 3) you can almost always get away with teasing or using call girls in islamabad playful banter with her and more often than not, she will tease or banter with you back.

Flirting SMS, or using text as a flirting medium for guys, has become so popular lately that in their 2010 Sex Survey, Shape and Men’s Fitness Magazine released the following results concerning sex and texting:

– Texting is the number one method of communication couples use to talk to each other.
– Guys text almost 40% more than calling. Girls text almost 150% more that calling.
– Almost 70% of respondents have participated in “sexting”
– Almost 70% of respondents claim that they have been asked out via a text message.
– Almost 50% of girls and 30% of guys admit that they have been dumped via a text message.

So if you’re still wondering if texting is effective for attraction, the answer is YES! If you’re also wondering how to flirt with a girl over text, here is a collection of field tested flirting SMS texts:

Opening: SURPRISE!
Opening: Knock knock…
Opening: How’s my favorite little brat doing?
Opening: I just made you check your phone for no reason. looks like I got you in check:)
Opening: Hey munchkin, I bet my weekend can beat up your weekend.
Opening: What sort of trouble are you causing?
Opening: I am luring girls to my house with candy, which do you prefer, skittles or m&ms?
Opening: Hey, can you do me a favor and text me right back? Just say Hi or something. All my friends don’t believe me when I say retards can text. We’ll show ’em lil buddy!
Opening: Hey princess, just got back from the aquarium and I saw the cutest fish there and it reminded me of you…
Opening: I hope you are smiling. If not just think of me!
Opening: Aliens are coming to abduct all the good looking and sexy ass people in the world! Don’t worry, you’ll be safe. I’m just texting you to say goodbye.
Opening: I miss you and want to see you, but this dumb security guard won’t let me in the zoo. Is there any way you can escape?
Opening: Did you know a blue whales tongue weighs as much as an elephant?! That’s crazy. Gotta love animal planet during the lunch break…
Opening: I just met your twin
Opening: You just popped into my head so Hi…now please stay out of there
Opening: Every time I see u, I smile. When you walk, I laugh. When you speak, I get excited. For some reason, retarded people amuse the hell out of me!

Same Night: Hey [name], sweet dreams
Same Night: Hey [name] I hope you got home safe.

Attraction: You know, out of all the [first name] [last name]’s I know…I think you’re my favorite.
Attraction: I don’t know who you’re boyfriend is…but he’s sure not spanking you enough!
Attraction: I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly
Attraction: Awwww, you’re so sweet. You’re making me get diabetes.
Attraction: I just don’t think we should do this anymore. I’m not just a piece of meat, you know.

Comfort: I was thinking of you…
Comfort: Something about u seems to always make me smile.

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