Free Poker Guide to Why Free Online Poker is So Popular


In the last few years, people playing free poker has increased massively. With most people tending to veer towards playing Texas Hold’em, we are asking why poker is becoming one of the most played online games available.

Every second of the day there are thousands of players playing online poker all around the world. Some poker rooms can accommodate over one hundred thousand players at a time. In global terms can be estimated at several million weekly players who pass through one or another poker room. The world of poker and online poker shifts millions of dollars day in day out and this is rarely taxable as the poker industry is not regulated.

But what motivates all these people to stand in front of their computer to play poker? The main attraction is money, lets face it, we would all like a little more. However, poker is still a big gambling game with no certainty of winning, so why do people still play?

Well, simply that at any given time any player can win a lot because at times poker88 certain poker hands can beat anyone. This means even the worst player in the world can have their moment of glory and gain (though they WILL lose more long term).

Poker is not a game of luck, its about learning a skill and winning as much from a game as you can. For if the win or lose depended on luck alone then the long-term fate would be balanced against profit.

On average only 10% of most poker players actually earn decent money on a regular basis. This proves that poker is all about technique and skill, not luck. So, what happens to the other 90% of the players who don’t win?

The 90% of players who don’t win very often are the ones who mainly play for fun. They will be lucky enough to get a good hand now and again and this will give them the boost to keep returning to the tables.

The 10% and prospective members of the elite 10% though, they spend time studying the game, play with strategy, analyze each situation and try to learn from mistakes in order to get on the right side of profitability. Never was the phrase “you make your own luck” so true as in online poker. For them it is a war.

Whatever type of poker is being played, whether its pay poker, or free poker, good players can and do lose in the short term and have at times horrible losing streaks. Bad players can sometimes win a load. But over time there is no doubt that good players triumph and make profits while the bad players will lose more than they win but keep coming back because they’re either aiming to get better or simply hoping for that one “big hit”.

If poker is new to you and you don’t want to dive in and lose all of your own hard earned cash in one go, then playing on free poker sites is a perfect way to start. This way you can gain experience and learn the game without losing own money, but still winning real cash.

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