How to Come Up With Unique Fundraising Ideas


Many people want to come up with unique fundraising ideas for their organization, school, or church group. Because there so many fundraisers take place each year, organizers want a fundraising idea that will stand out and get more attention. Greater positive attention can often lead to more funds raised.

One way to come up with a unique fundraising idea is to look for ideas online or in fundraising books. You may find an idea that hasn’t been used in your area before. As this indicates, an idea doesn’t have to be completely unique. You can use unique fundraisers that other people have already used. If the fundraiser is new to your area, it will still be seen as unique and get you the attention that you want.

You can also brainstorm for ideas with other group members. Your organization may have some unique talent or idea that you can unique silent auction ideas build a fundraiser around. You should also pay attention to the needs of the community around you. Sometimes you can come up with a unique fundraiser based on what the community wants or needs. For example, maybe you live in an area with a lot of gardeners and you could have a fundraiser where volunteers help gardeners plant, weed, or harvest their gardens.

Another way to come up with unique fundraising ideas is to modify an already existing popular fundraiser. Try something new by changing things up a bit. If you’ve found dinner fundraisers are popular, consider doing a fun new theme. Have you found selling cookie dough to be good? Try adding a tag on fundraiser where you’ll bake up that cookie dough for individuals who want you do.

Along those same lines, pay attention to what’s popular now. You might sell products that are hot right now or adjust your fundraiser to take advantage of new trends. For example, instead of hosting a walk-a-thon, you might consider having a geocache competition where participants pay a fee to enter.

When coming up with unique fundraising ideas, don’t forget that the location can also be a unique draw for people. Are there museums, theme parks, zoos, or gardens that could help host the fundraiser? Depending on the cause and reason for your fundraiser, you may find that the location will offer you discounts for entrance or other special promotions.

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