How to Properly Tip Your Taxi Driver


A common predicament for clients of the Addison taxi service is how to properly tip a cab driver. For some, an instant calculation on the spot is uncomfortable. It may be the math but often times it is the fear of appearing too cheap by pondering too long in determining how much to tip the cab driver. The first piece of advice that an experienced taxi rider will give you is that drivers expect tips. Tips are a large portion of how a taxi driver earns an income. Therefore one should be aware that when they hail a cab, they will be expected to pay a tip. There are a couple of different ways to determine an amount that is fair and correct to tip your driver.

First of all, if you decide to use the Addison taxi service, you should estimate your total fare and have an additional ten percent of the full fare to leave as a tip. Even though fifteen percent is the norm, ten percent is considered an acceptable minimum for a tip. A way to quickly and easily figure the tip is to just tell the driver to keep the change. This works quite well for example if the fair is $17.50 and you pay with a twenty. But if your fare is smaller or the total gets too close to an even dollar amount, you do not want to tip too little therefore calculate quickly what is ten to fifteen percent of the total and leave that as your tip. Addison drivers work hard and calculate taxi rely very much on being tipped fairly and justly.

One other way to decide how to tip your driver is to simply calculate as if you were tipping at a restaurant. Do the math and do not hesitate to ask for your change back and pay the tip out of the change. An average ride, nothing bad and nothing exceptionally good, would merit a fifteen percent tip. If your trip with the taxi service resulted in excellent service of some kind, then do not hesitate to show you appreciation and add a few extra dollars to your tip. The additional tip will be greatly appreciated by the hard working driver, as tips are precisely how these drivers make a decent wage. With the hours they work and the many hectic trips back and forth trying to get their passengers to their destination safely, a tip is certainly warranted for good service.

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