Insomnia – Assessment and Treatment


Insomnia –

Treating insomnia improves patient satisfaction, compliance, and medical care. Insomnia is often under-reported and under-treated since patients are often focusing on other medical issues when they visit their doctor or they haven’t Get Xanax Online found relief from their insomnia from previous treatment.

Insomnia and chronic sleep deprivation can have a significant impact on many areas of a person’s life including.

– Decreased job performance
– Impaired Buy Xanax Online focus and concentration
– More frequent car accidents
– Increased risk of suicide
– Worsening health condition
– Poor medication compliance

By addressing and treating a person’s insomnia, you can make a great impact on the quality of life. There are many causes of insomnia and many of them are overlapping. Some of the most frequent causes include:

– Working late
– Computer, Internet, IPAD before bed
– Exercising in the late evening
– Depression and anxiety
– Reflux

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