Men’s Diamond Rings – How to Choose the Perfect Ring

If you’re looking for a diamond ring for the man in your life, you may be overwhelmed by choices. It’s not easy choosing jewellery for a man, and men’s diamond rings come in all sorts of styles, form loud and flashy to simple and modest. This article will help you choose the perfect diamond ring for him.

First, sit down with a piece of paper and pen and describe him. How does he normally dress…casually in jeans and t-shirts, or is he a suit and tie guy? Is he active? Does he work with his hands? Is he a laid back, barbecue and football kind of guy, or are his tastes a little mor tungsten men wedding bands e highbrow? By really considering his day to day activities, appearance and attitudes, you can begin to form an idea of what type of ring he would prefer.

Then, set a budget for your ring. Generally, price variations for men’s diamond rings depend more on the type of metal used for the band than on the size and quality of the stone. There are a wide variety of metals used. In addition to the usual silver and gold, there are titanium rings, tungsten rings, and platinum rings just to name a few. Research and see what rings of each metal generally go for, so you know in your mind what you can afford before you hit the shops.

Now, the hard part…you need to find out his ring size. If he has other rings, snag one and bring it with you. If not, then you have to get a little crafty. One stealth option is to figure out a way to tie a string around his finger…maybe teasingly, to remind him of something he forgets. Then remove it and stick it in your pocket, then use that as a guide to his ring size at the shop. Or play the ‘let’s compare hand size’ game, and stick one of your rings on his finger to see how far it will go down.

Wherever you choose to buy the ring, ask about their exchange, warranty and customization policies. If the ring doesn’t fir and needs to be sized, you want to be sure you can go back and have that done or at least exchange it for one that does fit.

Men’s diamond rings aren’t as fancy as women’s, but they still require research before buying! Hopefully, this article gave you some good tips to get you started, so you can buy the man of your dreams the ring of his.

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