Nokia 5300 & Nokia 5500: Nokia Provides an Invigorating Mobile Experience


Nokia guarantees you the ultimate mobile music experience with Nokia 5300 Xpress music. With this phone, Nokia attempts to reach the class of consumers who want the features of a modern phone along with brilliant music features in a stylish and sleek handset. Nokia 5300 Xpress music comes with a 2GB of memory and you can store upto 1500 songs. With dedicated music keys, you can comfortably control the music playback while clicking snaps, browsing or texting messages. Nokia aims this product to replace stand-alone devices like MP3 players. For a better grooving experience, the consumers can plug in their favourite headsets or external speakers through a 3.5 mm jack.

Is your handset too delicate for you to take it to the gym? Then take Nokia 5500 to the gym. Tie it your waist while running on the treadmill with the fitness carrying strap. Nokia 5500 is a well-built phone which can easily endure knocks, jerks and water splashes. In a nutshell, you can say that Nokia 5500 sports music edition is an ideal phone for the body-builders. You can meticulously plan your weight-loss schedule with this phone. Just plan your daily jogging schedules. You can also transfer the daily progress made to the PC and at the end of the month analyse your progress. Nokia 5500 comes with brilliant accessories like a bicycle holder and a fitness carrying strap which make it a perfect companion for those arduous mountaineering trips, cycling and trekking strap

Nokia 5500 is a phone for all the classes of customers with its diverse assortment of features like MP3 player and FM radio with a visual radio. This handset is perfect for your travel kit with its 2 megapixel camera. Go for these Nokia 5300 and Nokia 5500 handsets and rejuvenate your life with music and exercise in this new year.



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