Samsung G Series – Complete Statement Of Fashion, Style & Technology


The world of wireless communication and mobile telecommunication has seen a tremendous change in the last decade. With the rising competition between the mobile makers, it is the customer who is getting the benefits. The technology is improving and prices are going down. Samsung is a well known manufacturer of mobile devices. It boasts of its high quality, use friendly handsets with all the advance features.

Samsung has provided really beautiful phones to the users. It has got recognised with its D-series phones in the beginning. Then it launched E-series, X-series and U-series in the market. All these have been ruling the market and now Samsung G-series phones have arrived. It has got the new generation handsets featuring the best qualities.

Samsung is a well known name in the field of mobiles. It has produced several stylish and fashionable phones with latest technologies and the latest G series phones are the addition in its crown which takes it to further level of quality and excellence. This article focuses on the overall features of G series handsets in an innovative way. samsung 55au7700

Presently Samsung G series phone has two models as Samsung G600 and Samsung G800. Both the models are  equipped with all the latest features and functions. Samsung G600 is a stylish slider mobile phone added with a very attractive size and a TFT screen. It also boasts of its 5 megapixel camera which helps to capture high quality pictures and video clips. Other features like autofocus, camera mode and photo settings make the device a complete entertainment package. You can also find the highly powerful music player with this phone which offers an amazing sound quality. The Samsung G600 is also outfitted with lifelike games, FM radio and fast internet connectivity. Bluetooth, EDGE, GPRS and USB support the connectivity and help to send the data and information with a better speed.

Samsung G series phone is having another member in its family, Samsung G800. It may be called as a mini computer. Apart from all the common features, it is different from G600 in terms of 3G technology. The Samsung G800 is having Tri band technology and supports RSS Feed which gives a new dimension to the world of internet on your mobile handset and some more unique features like handsfree speakerphone, TV output, mobile printing and huge internal storage space of 60 MB.

The G series handsets are really a treat to the mobile lovers. It gives an ultimate pleasure to the people who love photography, who like to listen to songs in a party mood, who love to play games and much other exciting stuff.


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