What do you do When your Overwhelmed With Your online business?


I got a contact from an online marketing friend the other day. She sent me 15 different links to things she had joined and asked me what I thought. Without clicking on any of them, I already knew what I thought. She was overwhelming herself. There was absolutely no way she could effectively promote that many programs at the same time. I had this same problem for a long time when i first started online marketing. I would sign up for ANOTHER program, get no results following a week, then just join the next thing, buying a miracle I guess.

What I learned was that by promoting so many things at once a course in miracles, you seriously decrease your time and efforts. By diluting your time and efforts, you don’t get accurate results in Any of the programs you promote.

The effect is frustration. You get put up out. When you do not get the expected results, you just go join something else promising overnight wealth. Yes, this is a cycle and is what I believe to be a big reason an estimated 97% of online business marketers fail.

Something that I really do a lot is that we am always thinking about my business. I ask myself questions like How can i improve? So what can I really do to make my website more inviting to my visitors? How can i bring in more money? Are there other methods for getting better results with even less work? How can i build trust with my subscribers? Am I spending my time efficiently? Is the program building my contacts, income, etc?

It’s led me to trying a lot of different things and learning all along the way. What I try to do now’s focus on getting the best results, from the least effort. This is not nearly as easy to do as it is to say —

I could write pages here about different little things I’ve learned all over the place, but I’ll try to keep this a bit short: )

The best advice I could give her was this — “So all this advertising and work your doing, you need to ask yourself — What is my GOAL here? Where do you want your traffic to go? What do you want them to do? What do you want it to do FOR YOU?

You have to ask yourself questions. What are you doing? What are your real goals? Why do you like this program? What do you anticipate to achieve with this program? Do you think others might find the same value that you do?

Is the effort your putting in building your email list? Is it earning income for you? Is it building any downlines for you? See anything that I really do has a purpose. I focus my efforts into generating traffic to my website. Inside my website I have an opt in form to build my list. I added a Youtube video to my page — Even if people hate me, video gets an answer. I put up a little Twitter link towards the bottom. I got over 100 followers my first couple weeks.

I have all the occur place now, and all I have to do is get more traffic — The rest builds itself. That is what you ought to do. Focus all your efforts and reduces costs of your business as much as possible”

Now I am at the point where I am getting daily signups for my email list, earning commissions from various programs, building downlines for my long term business etc. It took me a long time to get here and I still have a long way to go. All along the way, what helped me the most was thinking about my business and asking myself questions like this.

You have to focus on 1 thing at a time. Try to find the best ways to build your business and always be asking yourself questions.

If you keep doing the same principle, you get the same results…

Just ask yourself your location heading — Which should tell you where you need to focus your time and efforts

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