What To Pack For A Charter Bus

Planning a weekend getaway? Going on a cross-country trip? cab system If you’re taking a charter bus, you need to be properly prepared. Packing for a charter bus is a bit different than if you were taking a car or flying by plane. There may not be a weight limit, but storage space is a lot tighter. Deciding what’s most important to take can be a daunting task, but if done right, you can have all the essentials neatly tucked away for a safe and comfortable ride.

Don’t expect to pack three suitcases full of clothing. Chances are you’re not going very far or at least staying very long if going by bus. One suitcase is probably all the room you need for clothing, bathroom supplies, and an extra pair of shoes. Learn to pack smart. Perhaps cut down on the amount of pants/skirts so you can fit more shirts/blouses/tops. Clothing can always be washed and worn again if need be. Most, especially women, tend to over pack because they worry about weather and random scenarios that might occur for which they need a particular outfit. Research the weather for the time period you’re staying and pack accordingly.

Depending on how long the ride is, you will most certainly need items to keep you busy for the duration of the trip. A backpack will house most forms of entertainment while not taking up too much room under or above the seat. Electronics are always great for distractions. A laptop is typically the best because you can play games, watch movies, or surf the web if Wi-Fi is available on board. But handheld video game systems and even smartphones will most certainly suffice. There is literally an app for everything to keep you entertained for hours on end. Books, magazines, and puzzles will give your eyes a break from staring at a screen for so long. If the trip is a long one, a second book is ideal in case you end up finishing the first.

Remember that food and snacks will be desperately wanted after being stuck on the charter bus for so long. Pack a bottle of water/juice or two and food that’s easy to eat and not too messy. Chips, cookies, and trail mix are all perfect. However, that bag of Cheetos might not fair so well. Also avoid anything with pungent odors so as to not bother fellow passengers. Noisy chips aren’t a big deal during the day, but if you get a craving at 2 am when most people are sleeping, you will encounter many annoyed souls.

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